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what my clients say

I learned so much about myself from Susie. She instantly put me at ease and asked just the right questions, with the right level of encouragement, to coax me out and into the open. Her insights were extremely helpful to me - I felt like she completely understood, truly listened to my answers and used them to give me a new perspective on a very difficult time. I'm really grateful for her time and informal approach which really suited me.

Laura, Crouch End

Susie is an excellent listener and an even better asker of gently probing questions that open great areas of self-discovery. She helped me rise from some very dark depths to a far more buoyant place.

Mark, Bounds Green

It took great courage for me to take the first step and contact Susie but there was no need for me to worry. I immediately felt at ease with her and was able to talk openly about my feelings in a calm, comfortable environment. I am so grateful for her time, patience and compassion. My weekly sessions have been invaluable and I have learnt a lot about myself. Thank you Susie.

Vicky, Bounds Green

Seeing Susie is like having a personal pilates trainer for the mind. Just like pilates, the exercises are subtle but the results are powerful. Susie is not the first counsellor I've seen but I think she'll be the last; I feel fully equipped to manage the darkness now, and I can't tell you how good that feels. Susie is very perceptive and tailors the sessions to suit you, following what feels like a very natural path. The space is non-judgemental and safe and all things feel possible here. I miss the sessions but I'm very happy to be living a lighter, happier life. Thank you Susie.

Anthea, Bounds Green

My counselling sessions with Susie gave me the space to think more clearly and come to some difficult decisions, allowing me to now move forward.

John, Stroud Green

I came to see Susie when I was at my lowest - I felt suffocated by everything that had been going on, and didn't know what to do.  Susie helped me understand what had been happening and to process my feelings around this.  I felt incredibly comfortable talking to Susie and working through things with her; she asked probing questions and gave me so much food for thought - helping me reframe things and come up with coping strategies.  To say that I feel like a completely different person now is an understatement.  I'm back to being me, and I am so grateful to Susie for helping me get there and empowering me with the tools to help me stay there.

Olivia, Winchmore Hill

When I started counselling with Susie I hoped to make some changes in my life, but I didn't expect that things would turn around as much as they did. Because the process was gradual it also feels like the changes are more profound. Over half of my sessions took place via Skype, and I was surprised that the connection could happen almost as strongly via a computer screen as face to face. It shows someone truly listening to you is more important than just a physical presence.

Katrin, Edinburgh

What brought me to Susie was my obligation, as a counselling student, to complete a course of personal therapy! She would model best practice, I would take note and I would succeed… job done!! 

Practically, my ‘presenting problem’ was the difficulty I was experiencing as a single adoptive parent of a troubled adolescent. I thought I was holding it together but gradually became aware that I was in fact disintegrating; collapsing to the point where I met my dissociating daughter, in the worst of all worlds.

 Susie's faith in me, her holding presence, warmth, good humour and wisdom, created an absolute lifeline… I have felt valued by her, for myself rather than what I produce, do or offer.  As time, study and reflection also played their parts, my confidence has grown and my determination to pursue what is right for me has enabled me to give to, and to hear, my daughter, my true friends and my clients. 

Clare, Hornsey

The sessions with Susie really enabled me to focus on myself for a change. Everything about the experience was positive. Appointments, activities and approaches to the sessions were all negotiated. I never felt judged or criticised. I was given the space to just talk, to go off on a tangent, to explore my feelings or to get on with focused exercises. The time spent in these sessions really gave me the confidence to make positive changes in my life. I would recommend Susie and her counselling sessions to anyone

Sarah, Tottenham

I wanted to thank you so much for all your help in enabling me to make such a difficult decision. You helped me find the courage and to understand myself and what was making me unhappy.
I can not tell you how much happier I am. I am no longer feeling all the anxieties I was feeling before; my partner and I are getting on much better and arguing less.
Thank you for all your help.

Lucy, Wood Green

Sarah - Counsellor in Training

I came to see Susie when my self-confidence was at rock bottom. As our relationship grew and she reflected back to me in her own words how I was feeling, I trusted deeply that she understood me and that I was being heard. Her warm and empathetic understanding held me and I realised how hard I was being on myself. This gave me the confidence to bring heavier parts of myself to our sessions and explore painful times in my life. She gave me permission to feel empathy for myself and reflect on emotions that came through during our sessions. Our time together has been life changing - and I left  a happier, more confident, optimistic me.

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